Hunt For Big Foot underway in PennsylvaniaHot Buzz

June 28, 2017 09:32
Hunt For Big Foot underway in Pennsylvania

Sasquatch, Big Foot, and Yetti these all are different names for the same creature, usually referred as a mythological creature, lot of us must have come across several urban legends about these 9-foot tall giant covered with hair like a bear.

These are mythological, yet several people claim to have seen it. While there is no evidence of the giant. A couple in Pennsylvania claims to have spotted one and also has the evidence of it.

It all started when a couple from  Crawford County contacted the "godfather" of all Bigfoot hunters to take a look at their property after finding what they believed to be mysterious footprints.

The couple Keith and Robin Morgan have lived all their life in a rural area of the county, where they claim to have seen a large, bizarre-looking creature walking across their farm covered in black fur last year.

Claiming to have seen a creature far more massive than a bear, the couple called in the help of Carmine Biscardi, or "The Godfather of Bigfoot," as he identifies himself.

Biscardi, who has spent most of his life looking for the mythological beast, reviewed the initial report of the couple and visited the area this week to conduct a more in-depth investigation.

"Me and the team are responding. We are going to be checking the whole area out. We got a lot of property to look at," Biscardi's son, T.J. Biscardi said.

This is one of the pens where the creature was actually...they had to move the hogs out of here because something was coming in, climbing over the fence, killing the hogs and taking them out."

The team is using a thermal-image camera and setting up bait to hopefully get concrete proof that Sasquatch exists once and for all.

"I want the reality to be seen as we see it. So, if we see it in real time as he records it, the whole world will get to see it in real time. So, it's not just stories. It's called reality," the senior Biscardi told reporters.

The Biscardi reportedly follow up on nearly 30 tips and reports a day to get closer to finding Bigfoot. They're also offering $1 million to anyone with information leading to its capture.


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