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December 13, 2016 13:19
Injunction request rejected!

A federal judge has rejected an attempt by two Colorado electors to unbind their votes in the Electoral College, saying that the effort which had been designed to pave  Trump’s way to the White House was nothing but “a political stunt.”

U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel had denied the request for a preliminary injunction to nullify a state law.  That required presidential electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote. Daniel said in his ruling from the bench, that it “would undermine the electoral process.”

The president-elect and the Trump campaign had been intervened in the lawsuit to “defend the integrity of the process of election”. A Denver attorney, Chris Murray said while representing Trump and the campaign, “Your vote will be counted once you vote for president”.

Two Democratic electors who had decided to support Democrat Hillary Clinton, the winner of Colorado’s nine electoral votes had argued that the law was unconstitutional. Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich wanted to break their vow as a part of a far-fetched effort to trade their votes for a third-party candidate.

The “Hamilton Electors” movement had been trying to convince Republican electors supporting Trump to defect, and force the question to the U.S. House of Representatives.

An attorney for the electors said that they have been remained undeterred and planning to vote for a candidate other than Clinton while the state’s Electoral College members meet at noon on December 13.

By Prakriti Neogi

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